Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer: Finding the perfect balance of comfort and trust with your lawyer

When you are franctically looking up divorce lawyers online after you were just served with divorce papers, what should you be looking for?

The most common thing you should look for is trust.  You have to know that your lawyer is working for you and to accomplish your goals.  To do that, you must communicate with your lawyer as to what is happenening.  Divorce can be very emotional and divorce lawyers often become therapists in their quest to get their client divorced.  It is not easy to be a divorce lawyer sometimes.  You need someone who is not going to get emotional, but remain calm and rational.

So, what should you be looking for?

Some of the common questions the client should ask:

1) What is your style of practice?

2) Can I contact you in case of emergency?

3) What can I expect?

4) Would I work with you?

5) What are your fees?

The above are just a few questions that I often find asked of me.  It is important that you know your lawyer and that your lawyer knows you.

Do not be embarrassed to tell your lawyer anything.  The worst thing that can happen is that your lawyer discovers information from the opposing side and is caught off guard.  Your lawyer needs to be prepared to represent you.  Do not hold back, even if you think it is not relevant or important.

Ultimately, it is the level of comfort that you have to feel when first meeting your lawyer. If you do not have it, maybe that lawyer is not right for you.

Do not feel pressured to choose one lawyer or another.  Come with reasonable questions and know that it is good when your lawyer asks questions of you.

Maintain an open line of contact with your lawyer.  Try e-mailing or texting.  Overall, be reasonable and know that you always have a choice.

Higher paid lawyers do not mean that they are better.  Sometimes, it means that they are richer.  Do not base your selection of your lawyer based on his fees.  You should base it on what you want out of your divorce.  Can your lawyer handle your case?

Be confident and be comfortable and overall, just trust your lawyer!

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Ms. Lukose is highly respected attorney that has handled many types of cases including all major areas of family law and divorce. She has been described as competent, knowledgeable and a true fighter for her clients.