Child Custody & Visitation

Courts apply the “best interest” standard when determining which parent shall have custody of a child. Whether you’re going through a divorce with custody issues or are in a situation with custody alone, it can be devastating for a family.

Within the general term of custody, parenting time or visitation, decision making and primary residence of the child can be taken into consideration. Courts today are required to make the decision of custody on a gender neutral basis.

When resolving your custody matter, it is crucial that a thorough order or stipulation is drafted containing specific details regarding your custody arrangement. The Law Office of Judy E. Lukose is experienced at handling all matters of custody, visitation, parental alienation, and relocation. Working with experienced professionals such as forensic psychologists, social workers or doctors can be crucial to the outcome of your case.

With the experience and knowledge at our office, you will receive personalized attention and the sensitivty that your child custody case requires.